WEBBER: Welcome back to the nanny state Mark

WEBBER: Welcome back to the nanny state Mark

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s public flogging from the Melbourne media after last year’s “Burnout” scandal, local hero Mark Webber described Victoria as “A nanny state”.
These comments provoked mock outrage from the talkback radio demi-gods of Melbourne and their loyal army of lonely housewives, bored loners and senile geriatrics.
Now Webber is caught up in another controversy that again proves his original statement 100% correct.
The Melbourne Grand Prix, and Red Bull want Mark to drive an F1 car across Melbourne’s less than iconic Bolte Bridge.
The City of Melbourne, led by recent Grand Prix naysayer Robert Doyle have said yes but VicRoads the State Government Department in charge of the state’s highways has reluctantly agreed on one condition.
Mark must not exceed 100 km/h.
The Victoria Police have chimed in also warning against burnouts, donuts and other anti-social behaviour.
If that’s not enough private toll road operators the incredibly greedy TransUrban have demanded that should the event take place that they will be financially compensated for the loss of income from closing the bridge for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.
Naturally the “Save Albert Park” morons have stirred from their high security twilight homes and loudly condemned the event as yet another disgraceful interruption to the mindless tauper of living in the world’s third most liveable city.
But the chorus of complaint from this noisy minority hasn’t swayed the majority of the public with over 80% of readers responding to a poll in the top selling Herald-Sun declaring that they would like to see the event go ahead.
Sadly, if it does happen Webber’s Red Bull will barely be out of idle and probably on the pitlane speed limiter for the entire 490 metres.
That’s right, all this fuss for less than half a kilometre.
Welcome back Mark, Welcome back to the nanny state, oh and while you’re here don’t jaywalk either, they can probably hang you for that.

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